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Experienced construction cleaner searching for new opportunities

Toronto, Ontario
About This Service

Experienced construction cleaner searching for new opportunities flag


my name is Sophie and I am from Germany. I arrived in Canada a half year ago on a working holiday visa. My start was in Vancouver where I earned some important cleaning experiences on construction.

Here are some sentences that describe my fast job role the best:

• Thoroughly cleaned a 50 story building before residents move in focusing on small details

• Worked independently and as a team player acting urgently under pressure

• Emphasised environmentally friendly practices while cleaning bathrooms and windows

• Used a variety of equipment to assist with purging the floors and walls from the dusk

Furthermore, I am a very focused and open-minded person with a strong attitude who is very flexible. In Germany I have my own household so I know how to keep things clean. Also I have an meticulous eye for detail and I can learn new tasks very fast.

  • Qualification
    • check_circle_outlineIndependent Cleaner
    • check_circle_outlinePolice Clearance
    • check_circle_outlinePet Friendly
  • Service Includes
    • check_circle_outlineUrgent Clean
    • check_circle_outlineAirBnB Cleanup
    • check_circle_outlineMove In-Out Cleaning
    • check_circle_outlineOffice Cleaning
    • check_circle_outlineECO/Natural Product
  • Frequency
    • check_circle_outlineJust One Time
    • check_circle_outlineEvery Week
    • check_circle_outlineEvery 2 Weeks
    • check_circle_outlineEvery Month
Home Cleaning
Starts at$16/ hour


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